Wednesday December 1st 2021

LIBRA- week of 11/17-11/23

the week the focus is on what you value and what you are worth. with mercury busily speeding through your 2nd house and making lots of connections throughout the week, you have opportunities to communicate, glean ideas and/or discover information that has the potential to impact your sense of safety and security in your material life. on tuesday the annual sun/saturn conjunction starts a brand new cycle in your finances and material world. this can be great foundational energy to build on- but it could also bring into focus any areas of your life that need more mastery, better boundaries or a good old dose of reality. midweek mars squares the nodal axis, bringing you to a pivotal point of choice in matters pertaining to home, family and relationships. with the north node in your sign, your growth and evolution requires that you navigate your own path! your tendency to think of others and do for others at the expense of yourself can get out of balance. yet the key is to not see yourself as some kind of martyr- but to actually look at the underlying dynamics that cause you to choose to support others first before you choose to support yourself. ferreting out any foundation belief systems around not being able to provide for yourself or not being able to take a stand is key. on saturday the sun moves into fiery sagittarius and your 3rd house of communication, travel and learning. the coming month is a great time for short trips, taking courses and/or expanding your mind in some way. with the sun in jupiter’s sign and jupiter in the sun’s sign (leo)- we all have a shift of energies that is much needed: from heavy, karmic and masterful to light-hearted, expansive, optimistic and joyful. being able to see the silver linings and even better- being able to see the rainbow Light at the end of the tunnel- can serve to inspire you! just watch out for being overly idealistic or worse- completely ungrounded. dreams and fantasies are meant to inspire- but if they seem to keep you stuck in the past, then they do not really serve your growth. with chiron stationing direct on sunday in your work/health house- attend to any work or health matters that need healing and balancing. better to do it now before the Universe does it for you! ;)

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