Tuesday August 20th 2019

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Latest Leo Horoscopes

LEO- week of 9/26-10/2

the libra new moon on tuesday falls in your 3rd house of communication and thinking- helping you to start on a new foot in speaking your Truth and saying your piece. saturn has been in this house since late 2009- asking you to deal with how you communicate (or don't) and make structural changes in read more...

LEO- week of 9/19-9/25

the action right now is in your 3rd house of communication and immediate environment. with venus in your 3rd as of last week and the sun and mercury moving into your 3rd this week- not to mention saturn who has been there for a year now- there is a lot of focus, restructuring and karmic read more...

LEO- week of 9/12-9/18

there's a full moon in your 8th house of sex, debt and shared resources on monday- bringing financial and/or sexual matters to Light, to a head and/or fruition. this full moon is square the nodes and with the north node in your 5th you are being asked to grow into a new level of self-expression read more...

LEO- week of 9/5-9/11

the recent new moon in your money house is really powerful and can help you start a new chapter in your financial outlook IF and only IF you are willing to do the work the virgo archetype requires of you. this week there are a lot of tense aspect to virgo planets so you expect read more...

LEO- week of 8/29-9/4

with a potent new moon falling in your 2nd house of income and self-worth you are set to start a whole new chapter in the money and resources department- but even more importantly in how you value and esteem yourself! the new moon makes a grand earth trine with jupiter and pluto in your 10th read more...