Wednesday February 19th 2020

LEO- week of 8/29-9/4


with a potent new moon falling in your 2nd house of income and self-worth you are set to start a whole new chapter in the money and resources department- but even more importantly in how you value and esteem yourself! the new moon makes a grand earth trine with jupiter and pluto in your 10th and 6th houses highlighted your career/standing in the world and the service and healing you provide. when you align your purpose with what you actually do- and you do it all in the name of service to your community- watch how the money roles in! with neptune and chiron opposite this lunation there is a need to acknowledge any illusions, delusions or wounding you have around sex and money- especially shared resources. looking at how your wounding may have influenced decisions you made about sharing your resources and heart in the past is important as it is the first step towards healing. jupiter stations retrograde in your 10th house of career and standing in the world asking you to shift your focus on what you are doing to who you are being. focus on your inner growth and healing and the outer purpose and path will align itself magically. at the end of the week mercury in your sign trines the north node in your 5th house of leo- helping you to express yourself and your heart’s desire and bringing important news about your creativity, children and/or love life. open up to what wants to come in!

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