Friday June 5th 2020

LEO- week of 8/20-8/26


with the sun moving into your 2nd house this week you can safely say your focus in the next month is on finances, your values and your self-worth. the first aspects the sun makes involves a square to the nodes and an opposition with neptune- hinting that a big piece of your evolution right now is to get out of denial, stop deceiving yourself and really get clear and discerning about your material/physical reality! with the sun being your ruling planet and north node transiting your leo house these lessons cut very deep right now. how do you shine your authentic self, stay optimistic and live from abundance while staying practical, realistic and financially responsible? one does not negate the other- living with a budget does not make you poverty-conscious. there is a way to find the meeting in the middle. mars also changes sign this week, moving into your 4th house of home and family on thursday. the coming mars transit through this house will require you to deal with whatever is brewing in the foundations of your life (home, family, inner Self). taking action and getting clear is mars’ M.O. use the energy to clear out your basement (literally, emotionally/psychologically) so that you have space for new energy/experiences/people to come into your life!

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