LEO- week of 5/21-5/27

by | May 21, 2012 | Leo Horoscopes

where is your community?  how do you work together with other like-minded souls in collaborative efforts that help humanity evolve?  with so much activity in your 11th house of friendship and community connections questions like this can be popping up.  this week the sun, mercury and venus are all found in this house, along with the karmic south node.  the south node points to our connections to the past.  it also points to where we can stay stuck in the past and hold ourselves back from our own evolution.  right now the north node, which is always opposite the south node, is in your 5th house (the leo house!).  there is some aspect of journey right now that requires you stepping up and out, letting yourself shine, believing in yourself no holds barred and authentically creating the future you desire.  part of this process is likely going to entail releasing certain connections (friendship, community, etc…) that no longer serve your growth and in fact even hold you back from the growth your Soul longs for.  pay close attention to where your associations aren’t evolutionary and then get ready to let them go.  the same goes for your hopes and dreams- which ones are passe and need to be let go of?  anything you hold onto from the past has the potential to slow you down.  the coming couple of months are the perfect time to LET GO.

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