Sunday July 25th 2021

LEO- week of 5/14-5/20


the dominant energy this week is focused on gemini and your 11th house of community and friendship.  venus stations retrograde there on tuesday and the solar eclipse on sunday falls there as well.  with so much activity in this house a huge focus will be your role in your community, your associations with others as well as your hopes and dreams.  venus rules your 10th house of career so the coming 6 week retrograde journey of venus is a time to rethink/review/revise your life purpose and what you are doing in the world.  over the coming months pay attention to your community connections- new people who come in can have distant ties to the past (this life or past life).  the solar eclipse in this same house helps you start a whole new part of your journey in regards to your leadership position in community.  part of this will entail a deepening of your connection to community- so that go it alone leo quality will have to take a back seat to your interdependence with others.  it’s time to creatively collaborate with others who are ready to take your greatest visions to the next level!  are you ready?

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