Monday March 8th 2021

LEO- week of 12/14-12/20

this week your ruling body the sun squares jupiter (on monday) and squares the nodes of the moon (on friday)- bringing a strong energy and push for evolution, growth, change into your life. with the sun in your 5th house the focus is on your own creativity, passions and what your heart most desires. with jupiter in your house of money- you can have amazing ideas for more abundance and material expansion in your life and you want to pay attention to what comes in. yet you have to temper these ideas with saturn as jupiter brings vision but it’s saturn that will implement and ground that vision and make it a reality- and in order to have saturn on your side you have to be willing to work hard for what you want. from monday to tuesday mercury in your 6th house links up with saturn and neptune- asking you to take stock of your work life, every day life and health or well being from a realistic place. when you can see reality as it is then you can more clearly see what it is going to take for the possibilities you envision to manifest (in your work, health, relationships and more). midweek venus in the root of your chart links up with uranus and pluto- bringing a deeper awareness of what you need to feel grounded and anchored but also perhaps bringing in upsets or change to the way things have always been. the only constant is change and with uranus we’d all do well to open to the evolution, shifts and changes he brings as ultimately they are for our Highest Good (and we will realize that sooner or later). on saturday as mercury aligns with pluto- you can unearth some deep Truths about yourself or in regards to your work, health and efficiency in life. steer clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead empower yourself to see the Truth, the shadow AND the Light. mercury square uranus on sunday can be a game changer if you are willing to change your game ;) sunday is the deepest darkest day in the northern hemisphere. take time out of your busy life to turn within, sit in silence and listen to that still small voice within you that has something important to say about what needs to change/evolve in your work, your everyday life and your health and well being.

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