Sunday July 25th 2021

LEO- week of 1/14-1/20

with venus and juno conjunct pluto this week you are being asked to radically alter and revolutionize your work, your routines, your organization and your efficiency. the 6th house if not a ‘fun house’- it’s the house of day to day things, details and how you get your ducks in a row. with capricorn here there can be a tendency to either overdo that and get dogmatic about order OR have fears and limitations around discipline, structure and organization and swing far to the other extreme. ultimately you want to find the middle point where you are not anal but you are not afraid of limits and working creatively within them. this is your work this week. by week’s end when the sun and mercury move into your 7th house of relationship you can expect more focus on your one-to-one connections- but until then pay attention to the bottom line, the spread sheet, your day to day routines and also to your health. it’s not about creating issues where there are none, it’s about addressing reality and assessing issues that could be shifted now before they get worse.

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