Friday June 5th 2020

LEO- week of 11/30-12/6

a strong mars and pluto vibe dominate the scenes this week bringing focus to your will, your desire nature and how you master it or how it masters you ;) on monday mars cojoins black moon lilith in your 3rd house of communication- bringing a fierce energy and desire to speak/see/hear the Truth into dealings this week. this can be great for pulling back the veneer, looking beneath the surface and getting to the Truth. yet they can also combine to bring up anger, aggression, rage and power/control dynamics that play out in communication with others (so be aware and navigate with care). from tuesday to friday mercury in your 5th house of passion, creativity and self-expression links up with uranus, chiron and jupiter- helping you to speak your Truth but also hear your Truth reflected back to you by others. mercury/uranus is a challenge to rise up to the Higher Mind/Higher Self perspective- while mercury/chiron can shine a Light on deep wounds and pain you have around sexuality, intimacy, relationship and boundaries. on wednesday as venus links up with the evolutionary north node you are shown the path you need to take to grow in self-Love but also the path you need to take to align with your deepest held values in relationships and financial situations. paying attention to what you need to embrace and move into versus what you need to let go of and leave behind (both inner realities and outer situations) is key. on friday venus moves into your 4th house of home and family, bringing her grace, ease and abundance to the root and foundation of your chart. this is great energy for enjoying time spent at home, with loved ones and with family- so take advantage of it. come sunday as mars in your 3rd house squares pluto in your 6th- major confrontational energy can arise in communication, work or health. the best use of this energy is to utilize it to pierce through the superficial, get to the depths and face the shadows- in yourself, in others, in situations around you. a change in how you see yourself or the world around you will necessitate a change in how you live your life day to day. pluto can help you transform your everyday life if you work with him- or he can force you to if you resist. the key is in remembering that pluto is aligned with your Higher Self- so whatever arrives is for your own good, growth and evolution. when you can embrace that you can start to get pluto to work with you, rather than seemingly against you!

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