LEO- week 5/7-5/13

by | May 7, 2012 | Leo Horoscopes

all week long your ruler, the sun, builds to an auspicious and expansive conjunction with jupiter- exact on sunday.  luckily for you it highlights the pinnacle of your chart- your 10th house of career, life path and standing in the world.  you have a lot of support from the Universe and perhaps even some earthly supporters and backers for the work you are doing.  this week, culminating with sunday, you are being asked to authentically and creatively express yourself- it is time to shine!  yet while all this positive energy is channeling into your career house, there is some fiesty energy playing out in your house of Higher mind.  spiritually you are shifting, but part of this process requires a letting go of old aspects of yourself that can feel akin to dying.  the radical new energy set to Light your life up is also burning all the dross away.  by week’s end the harmonious aspect between mercury in earth taurus and uranus in firey aries can really open a door to the future.  all you have to do is open your mind, release attachments to the past and to being in control- and see where the Universe takes you!

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