Wednesday August 12th 2020

LEO- week of 3/2-3/8

there’s some activating and dynamic astrology present this week, with a huge focus on your 9th house of Higher Self. deep changes and releasing old karmic patterns of being, doing and believing are the focus. yet with jupiter in your sign trine uranus on tuesday, you have the protection of Higher Ups as someone is watching out for you, even if certain things in your life seem to be falling apart before your very eyes. jupiter/uranus provide insight and help from above- perhaps in the form of ideas or opportunities or maybe in the form of physical people. however it unfolds, a new way of seeing the world and your place in it is underway. throughout the week both venus and mars (the Divine Lovers) align with the karmic south node, bringing focus to what you need to let go of and leave behind in relationships, in beliefs and attitudes and in your understand of how life is supposed to be. if you are very much tied into life being a certain way, and life is NOT that way right now- you can either be miserable or you can change your attitude and ‘love what is’ (maybe get a copy of byron katie’s book to support you with this!). on wednesday as venus engages with the uranus/pluto square- this is but a precursor of what is to come next week when mars triggers it and when we have the last uranus/pluto aspect for the next 50 or so years. shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs are in store this week and next. breaking free from limiting thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and perspectives opens you up to see the world as it is- and from that place you will know how to deal with it! the full moon on thursday Lights up your 2nd house of money, values and self-worth- bringing Light to what is working and what is not working in your material life. if you have been ignoring red flags when it comes to financial balance- this full moon could shine a harsh Light. any financial negotiations or contracts with others should be looked at very clearly before signing on the line this week. the best use of this lunation is to utilize the organization and discipline of virgo to get your financial ducks in a row! the week ends with mars conjunct the south node, bringing a fire in your belly but also perhaps some unaccounted for anger and aggression. channelling it consciously so that it motivates you to take action rather than motivates you to be belligerent is key. with sun/chiron on saturday in your 8th house, addressing areas of your life where denial, avoidance or playing the victim or martyr has dominated is key. to empower yourself you have to take back your power. but think power, not force. the latter will engage you in power struggles with others, the former will see you centered in your own power and being the captain of your own ship. what others’ do with their own life is not your responsibility. your responsibility is to yourself!

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