Friday September 20th 2019

LEO- week of 2/9-2/15

with a venus/jupiter aspect kicking off the week, there’s a strong desire to have fun, get spendy and/or indulge in the more pleasurable aspects of life this week. a strong sense of fantasy and idealism governs you, which could be sweet, romantic and mystical OR it could be ungrounded, delusional and out to lunch. particularly when it comes to intimate or financial situations, you’d do well to focus on having healthy boundaries and not just seeing what you want to see (or believing what you want to believe). from tuesday to sunday ceres, the Great Mother asteroid Goddess, activates the T-square formed by uranus, pluto and the nodes- bringing pivotal points of choice and shift into your life. ceres is in your 6th house, so it’s a time to deal with any health or work matters that need addressing. this is not a week to ignore mundane realities, but rather a time to really see them for what they are and meet them head on to address them. with the north node in your 3rd house, speaking up and sharing your Truth or seeing reality from a balance perspective (meaning not all white, not all black but somewhere in the middle where you can allow for and see both) is key. on wednesday mercury stations direct in your relationship house, bringing the last 3+ weeks of revision and review of your one-to-one relationships to a close. pay close attention to any aha moments, insights or important information that comes to Light about important others in your life this week (romantic, business and otherwise). as mercury starts to pick up speed in the coming weeks it will be time to deal with and take action on whatever it is you have realized about your relationships in the last month. slow and steady wins the race though- so don’t act impulsively or rashly. get clear on your direction and take it one step at a time. with sun/mars closing out the week you have support in dealing with relationship or financial matters with a Higher Self perspective guiding the way. working to find balance between your head and your heart, your discernment and your compassion will help you make the right moves at the right time. and when mars moves into aries next week there will be no holding you back! so bide your time this week and get inner clarity on what external situations need to be dealt with and gear up to do just that next week!

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