Friday September 20th 2019

LEO- week of 2/23-3/1

this week a lovely Grand Fire Trine builds and the fire signs among us (like you) are set to feel the full blast of power, passion and creative energy that unfolds with it. with juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and commitment in your sign, there’s a focus on committing to yourself, your life, your passions and your purpose. juno aligns with the Divine Lovers venus and mars in your house of Higher Self (who conjoined last weekend) and this week they all trine saturn in your house of creativity and self expression (the leo house)- bring this fire trine into the fire houses for a double whammy of initiative, creative and self-expressive energy. i highly recommend you make use of this energy- be it in a relationship (romance), creative pursuit, or Spiritual journey. of course your ruler the sun also features this week and with the sun square saturn on monday and conjunct neptune on wednesday- there is a need to clarify what is fantasy and what is reality and where the boundaries need to be set in your intimate, financial and emotional relationships. come the weekend mercury, who is now direct, is quite active in your house of relationship- helping you to have the conversations you need to have and/or hear the things you need to hear that give you illumination about partnerships (romantic, business and otherwise) in your life. with jupiter in your sign tensely aspecting pluto, how you use your power is key this week (especially on friday). i highly recommend NOT resorting to power/control dynamics- but instead connect in with the evolutionary, transformational energy inherent in this aspect. it’s a great week for self-adjustments- seeing where you are great and seeing where you can stand to alter things or better yourself in some way. if any health matters are up for you- be sure to address them though. jupiter in leo makes you feel invincible, but pluto in capricorn is a reminder that you have to deal with what lies beneath the surface (whether it’s repressed emotions or physical imbalances) in order to really truly be in your power.

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