Wednesday August 5th 2020

LEO- week of 2/2-2/8

this week is the annual full moon in your sign- making it a big week for you when it comes to self-awareness and dealing with relationships. a full moon is always opposite the sun- which highlights your 1st house of self and 7th house of Others. illumination and insights can arise about relationship dynamics you are currently dealing with, but there’s also the potential for crisis points to be met if you have been ignoring, denying or avoiding dealing with situations that have been simmering for a while. this full moon degree involves 3 very yang, masculine planets throughout the week: the sun in your relationship house, mars in your house of shared resources and intimacy and jupiter in your sign. there is a need to look at what is not working in the partnerships in your life (romantic, business and otherwise)- but there is an even deeper need for you to look within and see what it is that lies inside of you that draws certain dynamics into your life over and over again. shifts in relationships will only occur when you can look into the mirror of others and see the reflection that points to what lies within. luckily your ruler the sun and the planet venus link up harmoniously with uranus and pluto throughout the week- bringing opportunities for shift, change, evolution and revolution in your inner and outer relationship. pay close attention to monday and thursday when the sun and venus link up with the evolutionary north node. there is something you need to realize and see about yourself and the situations you have going on with others- and there may be something you need to say as well. letting of beliefs and ideas that are no longer valid is the goal of the week. by week’s end as venus aligns with the wounded healer chiron- deep healing can happen in your intimate, emotional and financial relationships IF and only IF you are willing to set healthy boundaries, take back projections, stop engaging in victim or martyr behavior and meet others from a place of what is, rather than from a place of what can be. the only way to change the future is to deal with and be in the present. as you deal with relationship situations this week- don’t project into the unknown future and don’t get stuck in the past. when you are anchored into this now moment and can see it for what it is- the path leading into your future will reveal itself and what you need to do, say or be will become crystal clear.

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