Friday September 20th 2019

LEO- week of 2/16-2/22

the second aquarius new moon is exact on wednesday, known as an astrological black new moon (just like the second full moon in a sign is an astrological blue moon)- bringing extra potent energies into your relationships. typically new moons are about new beginnings or new directions we move into, but with a new moon at the first degree of aquarius and another new moon at the last degree of aquarius there is also an energy of endings, completions and culminations playing out as well. certain relationships in your life (romantic, business and otherwise) may be at the end of their road. others are just getting going and/or are shifting into a Higher dimension. whatever the outer events are that are going on- the inner focus is on your own evolution and how the inner shifts and changes happening in you are forcing or supporting shifts and changes in your outer relationships. from thursday to friday mercury, who is now direct in this same house, links up with saturn and neptune for the third and final time- bringing focus to what ideals or fantasies you have in relationship that are ungrounded and what visions you have that are possible but have to be worked hard for. being able to see the Light and the shadow and hold space for both when you are making decisions in relationships is key this week! another powerful focus this week is the shift of mars and venus (the Divine Lovers) into fiery, assertive and dynamic aries on thursday and friday. they move into your 9th house of Higher Self and then they cojoin each other on saturday- making for a very potent combination of energies that is creative, fertile, perhaps romantic and definitely action-oriented. because these are the Divine Lovers we are talking about there’s definitely the potential for romance and passion- but this is also playing out in your 9th house which can point to a Union of yourself with your Higher Self in ways that radically and irrevocably shift and expand your spiritual path and how it merges and converges with your “regular life”. venus rules your career house and mars rules your house of Higher Self- so aligning the two in ways that open up the possibilities in your life path, purpose and calling is key. in the coming weeks saturn will trine both venus and mars- so what you set into motion has roots that can grow deep. so think wisely, act consciously and make use of the fiery energy of creation and passion available to you this week. you will be in your element and the doors will open for you!

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