Friday September 20th 2019

LEO- week of 1/5-1/11

with mercury and venus (the mind and the heart) in your relationship house right now, a big focus for you this month is on relationships and how you navigate them. both bodies connect in with grounded, masterful saturn and heart-centered, compassionate neptune throughout the week- supporting your ability to deal with things from a realistic place while at the same time being able to see and Trust in the possibilities. with saturn in your house of romance, creativity and children and neptune in your house of shared resources, debt and transformation- both areas of life are in focus in the coming year. getting real about things and taking off the rose colored glasses is key- but that has to be balanced with your ability to have faith and Trust in the Bigger Picture. this week you are supported in embracing the evolutionary path in your relationships- and when you do you will feel a huge opening in your life! midweek chiron quincunxes the evolutionary north node in your house of communication, commencing a series of outer planet transits to the nodes that will unfold during the rest of january. the north node in your 3rd points to the need to find ways to communicate, collaborate and compromise with others. of course this cannot be at the expense of yourself and your Truth- it needs to be about you meeting others in the middle. with chiron in the 8th, looking at any wounds and pain you have around boundaries, denial, avoidance, playing the victim or the martyr- OR being drawn to people who have these issues- is key. you cannot heal what you cannot see and you cannot shift karmic patterns when you won’t own them- so this week is all about seeing and owning! the week ends with a sun/jupiter aspect- and with jupiter in your sign there may be a tendency to excess or self-aggrandizement, so be aware. with the sun in your 6th house of work and service- be sure you are not taking on too much or pushing too far, as it could take a toll on your health or your efficiency on a day to day work level. finding balance between faith, trust and courage and good old fashioned hard work and realism is what will pay off this week!

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