Wednesday August 5th 2020

LEO- week of 1/26-2/1

with over half the planets in the sky in relationships houses in your chart- right now there is no escaping the focus of your personal, financial and professional relationships. the sun and retrograde mercury are in your house of Other- helping you to get clear on connections in your life, and with mercury retrograde go over the past so you can tie up loose ends and move on. on tuesday venus joins mars, neptune and chiron in your 8th house of intimacy, transformation and empowerment- bringing focus to healing and/or revealing the Truth around financial, emotional and sexual relationships in your life. mars conjunct chiron on saturday brings to Light any wounds or pain you have around boundaries, seeing reality, engaging in codependent relationships and/or playing the victim or martyr. typically you don’t think of leo as a victim, but with pisces in the 8th house when you get involved in intimate or financial relationships the boundaries can get blurred and seeing yourself and others clearly becomes difficult. venus will trigger the saturn/neptune square this weekend, which is all about taking the rose colored glasses off so you can see reality clearly. this is great for bringing your dreams into manifestation, but it’s also about waking up and dealing with reality as it is, not as you wish it would be. saturn in your 5th house and ruling your 6th is about mastery over your desires and your ability to get organized, efficient and healthy in your life. think schedules, containment, limits and you are on the right track. luckily as mars cojoins chiron- bringing you in touch with your deepest wounds and pain- uranus also cojoins the mean south node on saturday, helping you to break free from the very things that bind you (and likely have bonded you for lifetimes). some of this may manifest externally- in terms of breaking free from a situation, a relationship or a contractual obligation. but some of it is internal- and actually the internal informs the external so it’s best to start at the Source. be willing to question what you believe in- and to tone down your optimism a bit so some realism can set in. this may feel like limitation or even depression- but actually it’s really about grounding and mastery. don’t mistake lessons for limitations you need to break free from. master the lesson- so you can then move on.

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