Wednesday August 5th 2020

LEO- week of 12/29-1/4/15

there’s a fiery, feisty energy present at the start of the week (and the end of the year)- and you want to make sure you harness it and use it wisely. mercury and mars both trigger jupiter in your sign- bringing action oriented energy to work and relationship matters, but also the potential for blow ups or rash actions taken that could cost you. the mars/jupiter aspect is a super aspect that lasts from thursday to friday and with these bodies straddling your houses of self and other the possibility of aggression and conflict with others is high. yet this energy can be channelled consciously into actions taken and air cleared in relationships- it’s up to you how you work it.

on saturday your ruling planet the sun triggers the uranus/pluto square- bringing shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs into your daily life, work, health and/or beliefs. major change is upon you and there’s no escaping it! using this frequency to embrace change and become the agent of it is going to be a lot more fun than being dragged around by it. so if work or health matters are screaming for your attention- get to addressing them! it’s a great time for reorganizing and restructuring your life this week ;)

on saturday and sunday both venus and mercury move into aquarius and your 7th house of relationship- making the coming weeks and months a great time to focus on your one-to-one connections with others. with venus sweetly connecting with saturn sunday morning, you have the possibility of solidifying or strengthening relationships in your life (with loves, children and business partners). what you set into motion this weekend has the potential to grow deeper and stronger!

the week ends with a powerful full moon in your 12th house of the Unconscious, illuminating your deepest hopes and greatest fears so that you can see and own all aspects of yourself (like neediness or emotionality), not just the ones you consider golden and positive. this full moon forms a Grand Cross in mutable houses in your chart- pointing to endings and the need to let go of the past so you can move on and start a new chapter in life. with the north node in your 3rd house- you want to work to find a balance between give and take, self and other. get ready to speak your Truth, and be prepared to hear the Truth of others. the only way to find the middle path is for both parties to move away from being right and find alignment in the center. this is an outer experience as much as it is an inner one- don’t forget that!

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