Tuesday June 15th 2021

LEO- week of 12/22-12/28

for many this is a holiday week, but with so many planets piled up in your 6th house of work and health- you still have a lot going on in your daily life or work life that needs attending to. from tuesday to friday both venus and mercury square the nodal axis from your 6th house- bringing you to pivotal points of choice work or health matters. if you have a certain situation in your work environment that you are DONE with- now’s the time to make the decision to move on. and if there are any health matters you have been becoming aware of that need attending to- now’s the time to commit to whatever needs to be done to change that (be it a diet, exercise regime or seeking out medical assistance). on wednesday mercury engages with the uranus/pluto square- and with mercury conjunct pluto you can find yourself embroil in intense communication with others. yet the positive side of this is the ability for you to experience transformation- all you have to do is be willing to revamp the way you do things and make some pressing-changes on the spot. on tuesday saturn moves into sagittarius, giving us a preview of the karmic lessons saturn in sadge will bring us over the next several years. in june of next year saturn will backtrack back into scorpio- so pay attention to what is going on this week and the next 6 months- as intimations of what your learning will entail are likely to come in. with saturn in your 5th house (the leo house!) you are being challenged to get more disciplined with your creativity, passion and self-expression. this about taking your hobby or craft and working hard to refine it so that you can do something successful and masterful with it. this is not a play around kind of energy- even though the 5th house is the house of play. when saturn is in the 5th you are working hard so that you can take your original gifts and turn them into mastery. saturn in the 5th can also be about a new alliance being formed between your inner child (5th house) and your inner adult (saturn). contemplate what this means to you- and get ready to run with it in 2015!

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