Wednesday August 12th 2020

LEO- week of 12/15-12/21

this week is the last week of fall (or spring if you are in the southern hemisphere)- as the solstice AND the new moon occur within hours of each other on sunday. what precedes the new moon is the dark moon- so taking time this week to reflect, introspect, release and retreat is recommended. the new moon Lights up your 6th house of work and health- but the dark moon Lights up your 5th house of passion, romance and children (the leo house). since the dark moon tends to highlight what we need to release- you may find yourself dealing with issues with kids, in romantic relationships or in regards to your creative fire. taking time to do this deep work is recommended- as the new moon is about new cycles coming in, but as anyone knows you have to make room for the new (unless you are a pack rat!). the new moon on sunday initiates a new cycle AND a new season and is a great time to set intentions and get clear on what you are calling in. if you need to get more organized in your work- now’s the time! likewise if you need to attend to any health matters with maturity and awareness of reality (rather than thinking you are invincible) now’s the time! on saturday venus triggers the uranus/pluto square- bringing shakes up and wake up calls to relationships, finances, work or health matters. the next day the new moon and solstice is exact, with uranus stationing direct at the same time. with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener waking up from his hibernation when he was retrograde- you can expect some radical, electric and perhaps exciting energy to be present. with uranus in your 9th house of Higher Self, you have amazing opportunities for aha moments, mind-expansion and visions of what is possible! since uranus rules your relationship house, some of these growth-opportunities could come by way of important connections in your life. the key is to stay open to change- as it’s pretty much inevitable with the astrology playing out right now. you can resist it- but that will only create more stress. you can also choose to embrace it- and that is when things will start to get a lot more fun ;) trust me!

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