Friday June 5th 2020

LEO- week of 12/1-12/7

the week opens on a disciplined, masterful note- asking you to get serious, focused and organized in your work, health or home/family environment. the mars/saturn aspect is about seeing reality and dealing with it from a pragmatic place- so think less flights of fancy and more nose to the grind stone and/or healthy boundaries put into place. on thursday mars moves into your relationship house where he will stay for the next 6 weeks- bringing his action oriented energy into your one to one connections. this could be great for passion and engagement with others, but it can also unearth some unrest, anger or irritations in important relationships in your life- so be aware and navigate with care! the beneficial fire aspects on thursday serve to open your heart and help you believe in the possibilities! with venus in your house of children, romance and creativity in sweet aspect to expansive jupiter in your sign- it’s all about the Love! come the weekend things get a bit more intense with chiron, the wounded healer, dominating the scene. your ruler the sun squares chiron on friday and mercury does so saturday- bringing you face to face with reality (versus fantasy) in your intimate relationships or financial arrangements. if you have been overly idealistic, giving others the benefit of the doubt or have just been plain in denial- the chiron energy can help you (or force you) to open up your awareness to the Truth. the full moon on saturday forms a T-square with chiron as well, making it a lunation of digging up old wounds and pain around thoughts, ideas and beliefs versus reality. underlying any outer/external situations it all boils down to self-Love. when trying to figure out the path forward- actions taken that are based on a healthy sense of self and establishing firm boundaries is the way to go!

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