Friday September 20th 2019

LEO- week of 1/19-1/25

this week’s new moon (exact on tuesday) Lights up your 7th house of relationship, bringing a lot of new energy to innovate, grow and move forward in the relationships, commitments and partnerships in your life (romantic, business and otherwise). 7th house new moons can bring someone new into your life, help you move into a new chapter in existing relationships and they can even help you to bring new life to ones that have been lagging behind of late. yet this new moon is not your typical new moon as mercury stations retrograde the very next day in the same house and sign- showing that the upcoming lunar cycle has a one step forward, two step back kind of energy to it. you have ideas about where you want to move things in your relationships and your life- yet mercury retrograde requires that you rethink, review and revise the past FIRST before you can move forward and onward into the future. the coming 3 weeks of mercury’s retrograde journey ask you to clear out the old energy in all of your relationships- past and present- so that you can relate to people in your life from this energetically cleared out space (versus bringing all the old baggage into the mix). on the same day as the new moon uranus and pluto engage with the nodes of destiny and karma- bringing into focus an energy that dominates the entire month of january. uranus rules your house of relationship and uranus on the south node points to karmic ties and karmic patterns you are trying to break free from. with uranus and the south node in your 9th house of Higher Self- moving through blocks to your ability to come from a Higher Perspective and see all that is occurring from this Higher Self view is key. challenging and questioning your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and attitudes is key. with the north node in your 3rd house, the path to growth and evolution is tied up with your ability to communicate with others and take into account others’ needs as well as your own. with pluto squaring the nodes as well, you are brought to pivotal points of choice in your path where what you choose and the actions you take can catapult you into your future OR they can more firmly entrench and trap you in your past. pluto in the 6th is all about self-improvement and owning your shadow. with pluto ruling your 6th you may find yourself coming up against really ancient karmic patterns you have been trying to break free from for LIFETIMES. the best use of pluto in the 6th is to embrace physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and psychological cleansing. pluto is the roto rooter and he comes in to clear out the backed up, toxic crap we have held onto for far too long. the potential for HUGE releases are high right now- so let go to grow!

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