Wednesday August 5th 2020

LEO- week of 1/12-1/18

right now there are several planets piled up in your 7th house of relationship, bringing very significant focus to partnerships and adversarial relationships in your life. on monday mars, who has been transiting your 7th house since the second week of december, moves into your 8th house of intimacy, transformation and empowerment. all of these 7th house planets will make this shift in the coming weeks, taking your focus on relationships to deeper waters. the 8th house is the house all the taboo topics of society: sex, death, money, power and control. these are things people are either afraid of or obsessed with- and when planets transit this house you are given the opportunity to look at your aversion or obsession with these potent topics. mars in your 8th can motivate you to deal with shadow dynamics and deep undercurrents in your relationships- yet mars is approaching neptune and square saturn on wednesday, bringing a clash between fantasy and/or a desire to be in denial with reality and/or a need to see things as they are choosing to present themselves right now. when it comes to sexual, financial or emotional relationships- you’d do well to NOT wear rose colored glasses right now. you need to see what IS first before you can start working on what is possible.

luckily mercury and venus, the mind and heart, harmoniously link up with uranus, pluto, chiron and the north node on wednesday- helping you to access the liberation, transformation, healing and evolution that is possible for you in all of your relationships. of course this will look different depending upon what relationship you are focusing on. some connections are regenerating and shifting into new levels of expression and connection, while others are showing themselves for what they are and requiring you to set some very firm, clear boundaries going forward. with pluto square the nodes on the same day, you are brought to a pivotal point of choice in your work life, home/family life and perhaps even related to the karmic patterns of your past (this life and past lives). with the north node in your 3rd house, you are being asked to speak up and share your Truth in ways that promote balance and harmony. the key is to realize balance and harmony does not mean avoiding conflict and/or sweeping things under the carpet. sometimes balance means taking a stand where previously you did not. your mastery lies in your ability to do this while stay connected to your heart. a tall order? maybe! but you are the only sun-ruled, heart-ruled sign- so if anyone can do it, it’s you!

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