Thursday February 27th 2020

GEMINI- week of 6/8-6/14

you have the sun and mars in your sign- which typically gives you lots of energy and gusto! yet your ruling planet is still retrograde so finding balance between action and non-action, moving ahead and dealing with what is behind you is key this week. from monday to wednesday the sun and mars link up with expansive jupiter in your house of communication and innovate uranus in your house of friendship and community. information, ideas or new things in-coming can be really positive for you! yet from Thursday to friday both the sun and mars square chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your career house. so you’d do well to tune into what is shifting and changing in your self-concept, personal path and/or life path, purpose and calling. oftentimes the new can only come in when you are fully ready, willing and able to let the past go. discerning what that is and facilitating the letting go process is key this week. on Thursday mercury stations direct in your sign and the next day neptune stations retrograde in your career house- energizing the major theme of the entire mercury retrograde journey that spanned all of may and june. this them had a focus on discerning Truth from untruth, fact from fiction, fantasy from reality. a deep inner process of shift in how you see yourself and your place in the world is underway- and it’s not quite over (and in Truth can last for years as long as chiron and neptune are in pisces and your career house). taking time to discern what aspects of your visions are intuitive and prescient and what aspects or your vision are pipe dreams or goals that are no longer valid for who you are and where you are at in life is key. on sunday the sun and mars align- which can be an action point energy where it’s time to really make things happen in your life. yet with saturn backtracking back into your 6th house for a last 3 month stint- make sure you are balancing action and moving forward with organization, discernment, attending to details and taking care of your health and well being. a well oiled machine works a lot better than a rusty one running out of fuel. think of yourself that way in the coming months and be sure to balance hard work and vision with self-care in the coming months for best results!

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