Wednesday January 26th 2022

GEMINI- week of 4/15-4/21

this week several planets move into your 12th house of the Unconscious, making the coming weeks a great time to reflect, introspect, dream and retreat. life may be full on and super busy but you must take time to turn within right now as your Soul needs it. some of your deepest, unrealized dreams can come to Light but you can also find yourself confronting some of your deepest, darkest fears. the only way out is through- so face them head on and see what they are trying to tell you. on friday your ruling planet mercury makes a tense aspect to saturn in your 6th house, bringing you face to face with work related issues and/or health issues that need to be addressed. if things are not flowing or well-being is not balanced- now is the time to address it! later on things will have built up even more and it will seem even more insurmountable. by the weekend as your ruling planet activates the uranus/pluto square you can have some major aha moments and sudden insights but you can also find yourself in the midst of communication breakdowns or power/control dynamics. finding ways to speak your Truth while still being able to hear and hold space for others to do the same is key. the eclipse coming up next week is set to unearth deep stuff- anything you can do to faciliate this process such as therapy, shamanic journeys, dream work, etc… is highly recommended. this week and next it’s not about the surface- it’s about the depths. go as deep as you can!

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