Wednesday February 19th 2020

GEMINI- week of 2/4-2/10

the week starts off with ceres, the asteroid Goddess of mothering and nurturing, stationing direct in your sign- bringing acute focus to home, family, safety and security issues in your life. if you feel as though some of these issues have been stalled in the last few months- know that ceres direct station will bring them to the fore once again! another huge focus this week is the alignment of your ruling planet mercury, mars and neptune in your 10th house of career and life purpose that lasts all week. taking action and gaining clarity about your unfolding purpose here on planet earth is key! this can be very dynamic and creative, but because this alignment happens in mystical, surrendering pisces you need to be aware of passive-aggressive tendencies and/or the desire to just bury your head in the sand. boldly facing what needs to be faced will be rewarded this week! by week’s end as the new moon Lights up your 9th house you have opportunities for travel, learning, growth and expansion. a deeper connection to your Higher Self is right around the corner! all you have to do is acknowledge your Unconscious fears of embodiment, commitment and grounding. right now it’s time to get organized, healthy and efficient with work- it’s only when you do so that the next level of your growth will unfold.

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