Tuesday October 26th 2021

GEMINI- week of 12/5-12/11


this week’s lunar eclipse falls in your sign- making it a very emotional week for you in which releasing and letting go should be the name of the game.  eclipses are portals into the future- they rapidly push us (or drag us) forward and help us to evolve.  yet lunar eclipses are points of climax, crisis or completion.  they point to a need for endings- releasing the toxicity and karmic pull towards the past.  with a lunar eclipse conjunct the karmic south node in your sign you are being asked to evolve big time.  it’s time to release the past- behaviors, attitudes, situations, relationships- whatever does not help you move forward or grow.  you will know what this is as the full moon/lunar eclipse will likely make it so blatantly apparent by making those very things in your life come to a head and/or fall apart before your very eyes.  uranus stations direct the day before the eclipse in your 11th house of friendship, community and aspirations.  harnessing this awakening, rebellious and revolutionary energy is key in making the shifts your Soul wants you to make.  it’s time to take a leap and take a stand- in your community, in regards to your hopes and visions, and in relation to humanity.  in fact as you find this awakening energy of assertiveness and action you can channel it into more personal matters that are requiring your attention.  this week might not be fun- but it’s one in which you can make great strides on your Soul’s journey.  so batten down the hatches and get to work!

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