Monday March 8th 2021

GEMINI- week of 12/14-12/20

on monday the sun in your relationship house squares jupiter- the planet that rules your relationship house- bringing potential for growth and expansion in important key connections in your life. of course jupiter squares can also cause us to go into excess- so watch out for overdoing, overspending, overeating and overoptimism this week (you want to find balance with a good dose of saturn reality as well). your ruler mercury links up with saturn and neptune on monday and tuesday- bringing important communications, information or insights about your shadow, your path of evolution, your intimate relationships or perhaps your finances. saturn/neptune is all about seeing reality AND the possibilities- not just one divorced from the other. from thursday to friday venus links up with uranus and pluto- bringing some wake up/shake up energy to your daily life, work and health. if something needs to change in your routines and everyday life so you can live with more vitality, peace and balance then change it. don’t wait for the Universe to do it for you ;) the sun squares the nodal axis on friday bringing you to a pivotal point of choice in your relationships and how you are able to navigate them. with the north node in your 4th house the focus of your growth and evolution right now is on your roots, your foundation, your inner life and home/family life. career things may be calling you- but you want to be sure you are not losing yourself in lots of projects and ideas that take you away from where your Soul’s growth is needing to play out. on saturday mercury aligns with pluto in your 8th house which can be a great day for being in therapy, doing dream work or on some kind of quest. yet the shadow side is this kind of astrology can play out in power/control dynamics with others- particularly intimate others or those you share finances or contracts with. the next day mercury squares uranus- so keep your mind open for a revelation that could help you see what is really going on beneath the surface (of yourself, of situations or in others). sunday is the deepest darkest day in the northern hemisphere. take time out of your busy life to turn within, sit in silence and listen to that still small voice within you that has something important to say about the shadow you need to face but also the empowerment that will come as a result of taking this deep, dark, inner journey to the core of the Self.

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