Sunday July 25th 2021

GEMINI- week of 1/2-1/8


with the sun and mercury occupying your relationship houses this week you can pretty much bet on more of the same- focus on relationship and processing the past so you can move forward.  evolution is where it’s at- and this requires letting go of the old.  this can be old relationships and Loves, old behaviors and attitudes, or old beliefs passed down to you generationally.  your ruler has now cleared his shadow so you are entering new territory when it comes to certain relationships.  the last 2 months of processing and figuring out what to do are giving way to a need for action and initiation.  by the weekend mercury moves into your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and transformation- deepening your focus and asking you to communicate about finances, sexuality and your own path of personal empowerment.  on sunday mercury squares uranus- bringing wild ideas, aha moments and sudden reversals in certain relationship and/or in your own inner experience.  what occurs is happening so that you can be set free.  don’t make the mistake of holding on to a past that is no longer good for you.

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