Tuesday April 13th 2021

GEMINI- week of 11/5-11/11

this week marks the commencement of your ruling planet mercury into his underworld journey- also known as mercury retrograde. with mercury stationing retrograde in your house of relationship a big part of the upcoming 3 week inward journey (which to be honest has already begun since mercury has been in his shadow for a couple of weeks) is rethinking/reviewing/revising relationships (past and present, romantic or otherwise). with neptune stationary this week and in tense aspect to mercury you need to separate the wheat from the chaff in relationships. seeing people as they are not as you idealize them to be is key. with so much scorpio activity in the sky, intense self-inquiry is a theme for the next couple of years: there is no escaping it! honest inner and outer reflection will heal you, delusional or denial will only serve to delay the inevitable. to see others clearly you must look through clear eyes- make sure to take those rose colored glasses OFF!

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