Monday February 24th 2020

GEMINI- week of 11/12-11/18

geminis love movement and change- but with so much going on in your 6th house grounding and paying attention to the details is where it is at! on tuesday the solar eclipse in scorpio (the first in the scorpio/taurus series) shines major Light on where you need to get more efficient, more organized and more healthy. with the 6th house of work, service and health so packed by planets you’d do well to really buckle down and tackle these areas of life. if you aren’t working hard enough OR are working way to hard- then a restructuring of how you do things is required. the same can be said for your physical vehicle- any body symptoms that are letting you know that something is off must be addressed, or there will be consequences later. the entire week builds to a conjunction with your ruler, who is currently retrograde, and the sun and the north node. major insights, aha moments and bolt out of the blue awarenesses can come in about what needs to be reorganized and what needs to be eliminated. take notes!

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