Tuesday April 13th 2021

GEMINI- week of 10/22-10/28


as a light-hearted, fun-loving gemini this week’s energy can feel like you’ve gotten yourself into deep water. scorpio is where it’s at right now- the depths, what lies underneath, and the shadow. for a sign that likes to keep things light and carefree- scorpio can feel like a swamp. yet the depths are where it’s at and where it will be for the next 2 1/2 years so you may as well get used to it ;) this week the sun joins your ruler mercury, saturn and the north node in your 6th house of work, service and health- helping to shine Light on the shadows or your daily routines, work/health practices and overall organization (or lack thereof) in your life. thursday is a big day as the sun aligns with saturn and mercury aligns with the north node- bringing major insights/aha moments and karmic lessons to Light around the mundane, practical aspects of life. your ruling planet is slowing down to go retrograde on 11/6 (election day!) so you can expect these insights to be things you are working on, working over and dealing with throughout the month of november. yes it’s an intense time right now- but intensity is the the new ‘normal’ frequency. best get used to it now and learn to surf the bigger waves ;)

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