Tuesday October 26th 2021

Solar Gate Calls

Solar Gate Calls - Divine HarmonySolar Gate Calls by Divine Harmony

Join Divine Harmony’s Solar Gate Calls on a journey through the 8 Solar Gates of the year. Each high quality recording is available to Galactic Benefactor members or by donation at a sliding scale of $25-45 per call.

Latest Solar Gate Calls

this is the Solar Gate Call for Fall Equinox/Mabon (Spring/Ostara in the south). links to things i mention in the call are below. blessings... ~dh gorgeous art of Goddess Maat by VULPA- https://vulpa.artstation.com SIRIUS MASTERCLASS- Free Webinar on 9/29 https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-masterclass-on-sirius9-29-21/ EMBODIED ASTROLOGY- Online Course starts 10/6 https://divineharmony.com/embodied-astrology ERIS MASTERCLASS- On Demand Webinar https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-masterclass-on-sirius9-29-21/ MERCURY RETROGRADE read more...