Monday September 28th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 8/13-8/19


a dynamic week awaits you! the energy is building and comes to a head on wednesday when not one, but two intense astrological aspects culminate. venus, the ruler of your house of life purpose and career, is in your 7th house of relationship and she activates the uranus/pluto square. you already have uranus and pluto in angular houses (the most significant houses in astrology) and having a personal planet activate them is fiesty, firey and exciting! change is the order of the week- changes in your sense of self/life path, changes in your home life/foundation and changes in your most significant one-to-one relationships. has your life been upside down of late? if so- GOOD! the Universe is drastically changing your perspective so you can find a new center point out of which you will commence the next part of your journey. mars also cojoins your ruling planet saturn in your house of career/life purpose (the capricorn house) helping you to get very clear on what aspects of your work are no longer necessary and what seeds are being planted that will take root in the not-to-distant future. saturn has been in your career house for the last 2 years helping you to prune/purge and get clear- consider this week a wrap up period. say goodbye the the old you!

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