Thursday February 27th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 4/6-4/12

as one of the four cardinal signs, last week’s total lunar eclipse rocked your 10th house of career and life purpose and likely your world! something is ending in terms of your life path, purpose and calling, but that is only giving way to something new that is taking hold. this week both the sun and mercury trigger the uranus/pluto square- so what unfolded last week/last month/this year/since 2012 when this astrology began is still present with you this week. pay close attention to monday and wednesday when the sun and mercury cojoin uranus in the root of your chart. sudden insights, ideas, information or unexpected events can occur and they can shake up your foundation, wake you up or perhaps even liberate you and set you free! this can play out literally with home/family situations or it can play out emotionally and psychically in the form of childhood or past life memories coming into be cleared. either way- it’s ultimately for your freedom, so don’t hold on to what you need to let go of! on wednesday jupiter stations direct in your 8th house- and he is at a standstill in the sky all week long (from our perspective on earth). as such he is the most potent and powerful planet in the sky- and in the 8th house the gifts he brings are of transformation, rebirth, endings that precede new beginnings. this is great astrology for shamanic journeys, going deep into your psyche and being willing to clear out the shadows of the past. facing fears or obsessions around being special, being seen, being adored can be the focus. because jupiter rules your 12th house of the Unconscious, this can be a deeply spiritual week where aspects of your being or psyche you did not even know where there come to the surface to be recognized. as such pay close attention to your dreams, intuition and psychic impressions this week. keep a book nearby and take notes! Thursday can be a deeply healing day as the sun and mercury in the root of your chart link up with chiron, the wounded healer, in your 3rd house of communication. you can communicate your Truth and also be open to hearing and understanding the Truth of others as well. the key is in aligning your mind with your heart- so that words come from a place of Love rather than anger (that is the key for everything really!). on saturday venus moves into gemini and your 6th house of work, service and health. typically her presence here brings positive energy to the daily aspects and routines of your life. yet next week she will form a T-square with your ruling planet saturn in your 12th house and neptune in your house of mind and communication. this week mars engages with them both as well. so in the next 2 weeks there is a focus on how you find balance between reality and dreams, discipline and forgiveness, boundaries and compassion, the material and the mystical. if you are blocking your intuition, compassion trust, faith or spiritual energies in any way, the Universe may have to get your attention in others ways (like via the body with a cold, hurt back or something else physical that slows you down). it’s best to be proactive about this and take time this week to see where your mental ideas of things need to be balance with your Spiritual Understanding. as a sign that tends to be very practical- there can be some Unconsciousness on your part when it comes to dreams, ideals and fantasies. you could either feel completely shut off from this part of yourself or you could find yourself overindulging in it in a way that is disconnected from reality. take time to see which side of the spectrum you are on (typically the one you immediately want to feel associated with is NOT it)- and then work to find a better balance between the two parts or your psyche. in Truth this is a lesson that will carry you through 2016 (saturn and neptune square each other until then)- so thing long term, not short reward (meaning one small step at time!).

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