Wednesday August 5th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 3/30-4/5

although we do not have a uranus/pluto square that is exact this week (the last exact one was on 3/16)- both planets are the dominating focus this week and next, making it a time of evolution, revolution, shake ups and wake ups personally and collectively. because uranus is in the root of your chart and pluto is in your sign- the areas of focus for change and transformation are your personal life and your home/family life and foundations. as a saturn ruled sign that loves stability, security and that which never changes- this astrology can necessarily shake you up to wake you up. yet the good news is this frequency has been around since 2012 when this whole thing began- so this week and month is a culmination and completion of a process that began back then. throughout the week several south node alignments demand that you look at old karmic patterns from the past (your childhood and past lives) that it is time to release. stuff around anger, aggression and selfishness is being looked at square in the face. with the north node in libra and your career house- there is a need to work towards balance in all of your relations and in your inner life and professional life as well. luckily both venus and mars are in earth signs, helping you to get grounded and anchored amidst changing circumstances. the Grand Fire Trine on thursday Lights up your water houses, bringing inspiration and creative expression to your deepest aspects of psyche. it’s a great time for working with your dreams, paying attention to your intuition and being willing to do deep shadow work (facing your own inner demons or fears). of course all week long we build to the powerful total lunar eclipse in your career house, bringing you to a culmination, completion or crisis point when it comes to your life path, purpose and/or calling. endings precede new beginnings- so being willing to let go of the past and perhaps past avenues of work or goal orientation is key. with this eclipse opposite uranus in the root of your chart and square to pluto in your sign- what is ending can be related to a whole way of life or a radical shift of foundation underneath your feet. the sun will trigger both uranus and pluto throughout the weekend and into next week- so the wake up/shake up duo is in strong focus as the week ends. they are working to bring Light to your past so that you can see it, own it and take personal responsibility for it. we have no control over certain circumstances (like the parents we were born to, the childhood we experienced) but we do have control of how we let that run the rest of our adult lives. you are in prime position to shed skin that has been with you for decades, maybe lifetimes- and in the process you can radially transform yourself! but to really make the most of this you have to be willing to step into your authority for creating the life you want to live. so see everything around you as a reflection, rather than a projection. this is the week to see it, own it and let it go if it no longer serves you!

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