Sunday December 8th 2019

CAPRICORN- week of 3/23-3/29

as i have written for the other cardinal signs (aries, cancer and libra)- the last 3 or so weeks have been HIGH ENERGY for you. there’s been so much going down, shaking up and waking up, breaking down to breakthrough in the last several weeks- you will be happy to know that most of this week is reprieve from that energy. taking a break, taking a breathe, and taking a sacred pause is recommended right now. looking back over your timeline of the past month and the past 3 years (since june of 2012) can provide some major insight into your growth trajectory which could give you insight into where your growth path is leading you into the future. on tuesday mercury aligns with chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your 3rd house of communication and thinking- bringing mercury’s focus into his own house. mercury/chiron can bring deeply healing communication and expansion of awareness, but they can also bring up old wounds and pain in communication with others. being aware of words and who they can help or heal is key. also being aware of your own tendency towards idealism or fantasy when it comes to what you think and perceive is key. pisces in the 3rd is deeply intuitive but there can be times when rose colored glasses obscure your vision- and mercury/chiron can be a reminder to take them off so you can see yourself and others more clearly. there’s a beautiful Grand Fire Trine forming this week and next in your water house of the Unconscious. with the sun in the root of your chart, juno in your 8th house of transformation and your ruling planet saturn in your 12th house of the Unconscious, there are deep foundational energies birthing when it comes to your own psyche, emotional reality and awareness of your own shadow (and how to integrate it with your Light). taking time to anchor into the new energies that are birthing and the awareness of what you want to commit to more deeply in your own psychological and spiritual journey is key! the week ends with mars square ceres in your sign, which can start to heat up the energy that was present in the last few weeks. mars in your house of home and family square ceres the Great Mother can certainly bring up stuff to address in home/family situations. unprocessed or repressed anger is a recipe for disaster- so make sure you are working with that this week or it could come out of all of a sudden in unexpected ways. if you are not interested in burning bridges, you may want to work on finding balance between discipline and mastery (which is what capricorn is great at) and action and direction (which is what aries is good at). put the two together and you can take masterful action and control your anger in ways that help motivate you and clear the air! next week’s total lunar eclipse will bring more fuel to the already potent fire building- so take time this week to get super clear on the direction you are headed in and what you need to complete and leave behind (be it relationship, attitude, attachment to the past, etc…) in order to move further along your path of evolution.

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