Wednesday August 5th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 3/16-3/22

as one of the four cardinal signs (the others being aries, cancer and libra) you have been in the line of transformational fire since 2012 when the uranus/pluto square frequency began. on monday of this week we all experience the 7th and final uranus/pluto square, bringing us to the end of a road that has been strewn with shifts, changes, shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs. this is personally significant for you because pluto has been in your sign (since 2008)- helping you or forcing you to transform and die to old ways of being and doing so that something new can birth through you. with uranus in the root and foundation of your chart, there’s been some earthquakes in your inner life, home/family life and/or sense of security and stability. it’s almost as though the deep transformations you are destined to move through require you to radically alter the grounding and foundation you have built your entire life one. the last years have been a great time for therapy and getting into your childhood past (even past life regression)- as the roots you are seeking to get to the Source of lie deep. monday may be the last uranus/pluto square but it’s not until the april 4th total lunar eclipse that we really complete this cycle (the uranus/pluto square will be a main feature in the eclipse chart). so taking time over the next few weeks to figure out what you are truly done with and what you are ready to liberate yourself from- literally, emotionally and otherwise- is key. another focus from monday to wednesday is mercury’s trigger of the saturn/neptune square- an aspect configuration that is with us until the end of 2016. saturn is your ruling sign and he is currently in the hidden most house of your chart (12th house which is the neptune house). the polarity between saturn and neptune is being highlighted: reality versus dreams, practicality versus idealism, pessimism versus delusion. with saturn squaring neptune in your house of mind and thinking- there’s a testing going on around your thoughts and how they create your reality. being willing to open up to faith and trust and surrender is key in the coming years. yes reality is important, but so are dreams. and sometimes those very dreams cannot become a reality until you believe in yourself enough and open up to the possibilities taking root in your life! pay attention to your thoughts, ideas, dreams and communications early in the week as they can give you insight into what the lessons will be over the next 2 years. the week ends with a total solar eclipse in your 3rd house, bringing new beginnings or new cycles into your thoughts, mind and communication. yet because the eclipse is at the last degree of pisces there are endings and completions that need to occur before the new beginnings can take root. seeing your mind for what it is: an amazing creator of reality- both good and not so good- is key. if the reality you are living is not to your liking- this eclipse can help you to see the possibilities of a mental shift that will precipitate and outer shift in your life. take time to tune into what you want to be calling in- as what you intend and put energy behind will surely come to pass. i suggest broad spectrum vision- not short sightedness, this week ;)

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