Monday March 8th 2021

CAPRICORN- week of 12/9-12/15

with so much activity in your 12th house of the Unconscious this week there’s a huge focus on your dreams, intuition, and spiritual journey- as well as your deepest fears, shadows and Unconscious material. mercury is the linear, logical mind- but when he is positioned in the 12th house he is non-linear, illogical and irrational. mercury interacts with the uranus/pluto square bringing breakthrough insights, aha moments and sudden realizations to Light! but mercury also squares chiron, the wounded healer, on tuesday- asking you to look at and question your beliefs and understanding and see where perhaps certain patterns of thought (and thus experience in your life) come out of wounding from the past. luckily a sweet aspect between jupiter and saturn occurs on thursday, aligning the planet of expansion and abundance in your 7th house of relationship with the planet or grounding and mastery in your 11th house of friendship. major opportunities to connect with like minded others and open your life to allow significant people to enter in are possible right now! the weekend looks a bit fiery as mars in your career house makes tense aspects to neptune and your ruling planet saturn. mars/neptune on friday brings some confusion, delusion or even deception to your life path and direction. lack of clarity or lack of awareness of where your path is leading you could make you feel like you are floundering. mars/saturn on saturday is asking you to get serious about your life goals and evolution- and to make sure that the people in your life support your growth rather than thwart it. relationships in your life are the perfect mirrors to reflect back to you where your wounds, limitations and fears are! in the coming 8 months of mars’ journey through your 10th house (the capricorn house) you’d do well to focus on what your calling is and what your purpose is in the world. if you are already heading down the right path- then this energy can help you fine-tune it. but if you are not doing what your Soul wants you to be doing- you had better listen! you can consciously create your life or you can be dragged kicking and screaming. what will you choose? ;)

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