Monday March 8th 2021

CAPRICORN- week of 12/12-12/18


this is a great week to pay attention to your dreams, insights and intuitions- as mercury stations direct on tuesday in your 12th house of the unconscious.  the last 3 weeks of the winged messenger’s backwards journey have been a great time to turn within and gain clarity on your dreams and fears.  as mercury stations direct this week he does so near the degree of the recent solar eclipse (on thanksgiving).  the new beginnings you have intuited and intended are now ready to be acted upon starting this week.  mars also squares the nodes this week, bringing certain matters pertaining to your Higher Self, your spiritual beliefs and/or your Higher Mind to a head or crisis point.  right now spiritual evolution is the name of the game- and letting go of limiting patterns of thought and belief are key if you want to move forward.  this aspect occurs two more times in the next 8 months- so know that what you are integrating and/or acting upon right now has time to unfold.  the week ends with venus in your sign square your ruler in your 10th house of career (the capricorn house!).  testing, limitations, restrictions and/or constriction around your path, the work you do and how you put yourself out into the world are likely to arise.  instead of dwelling on what is wrong- focus on what needs restructuring or rebalancing.  get things back into integrity so that you can move forward in self-mastery, not backwards in self-deprecation.

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