Friday September 25th 2020

CAPRICORN- week 5/7-5/13


the aspect between the lord of the underworld (pluto) in your sign and the wounded healer (chiron) in your house of communication is powerful and profound.  a deep healing and transformation is happening below the surface of your mind.  this entails plumbing the depths of your Soul to find the root of your thoughts and understanding of the world.  opening your mind to contain the invisible as well as the visible is possible now.  as a saturn-ruled sign you tend to need proof of the intangible, but chiron in pisces is here to teach you to intuit it and Trust in something beyond yourself that cannot be rationally or logically explained.  at its highest this is a mystical experience- and nothing short of spiritually illuminating!  also happening this week is an auspicious sun/jupiter conjunction in your 5th house of creativity, romance and children.  this is the leo house and this positive aspect supports you in expressing yourself authentically and originally- through your creative outlets, your romantic experiences and with your children.  this is a time of coming into the spotlight and really letting yourself shine!  go for it :)

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