Sunday December 8th 2019

CAPRICORN- week of 3/9-3/15

all week long your ruling planet saturn slows down to stop and station retrograde on saturday- which can bring a strong inward, downward focus to your week OR perhaps a sense of limitation, lethargy and/or depression. the good news is that you are saturn ruled- so if anyone “gets” the energy of saturn it would be you! saturn is the Great Task Master and Father of Time. he reminds of where our lessons are, what karmic patterns we need to break free from and where our path of mastery lies. in doing his Great Work we prune away that which is no longer valid in our lives so that we can focus our energies on that which IS valid and important. with saturn stationing in your 12th house of the Unconscious, a big part of the teachings right now focuses around your spiritual life, fears, unrealized gifts and ability to navigate the material world AND spiritual world at the same time. saturn is typically only focused on the 3d, but the 12th house is the portal to other dimension and realities. when you put the two together you can bridge opposing realities in ways that support your path of evolution and transformation. yet to get there you have to journey through the 12th house and this process requires that you face your own limitations, your own lack of belief and faith and your desire to over focus on the practical and logical (i.e. i only have $100 in the bank) versus your ability to create your own reality (i.e. abundance consciousness and envisioning more so that you create space for more). ultimately we need to find a balance between the two- but because you tend to default towards reality and focus on what is real your lessons are wrapped up with being able to discern possibility and seeing what could be if you only allowed space for it in your life. the other focus this week is quite activating, as mars activates the uranus/pluto square a mere week before the last uranus/pluto square is exact (on 3/16). mars conjunct uranus Lights up your 4th house of home and family, bringing sudden and irrevocable change, shifts, endings and/or new beginnings to your roots, foundation, home and family life. this energy can motivate you take ACTION but it can also incite anger, rage and aggression- particularly if it’s stuff that’s deeply buried or stuff you have carried over from childhood. with pluto in your sign, you are going through a profound life transformation (a rare once in a life time event!)- and the degree to which you facilitate and embrace this process is the degree to which you will enjoy the experience ;) uranus/pluto serves to wake up and shake up old structures, foundations and crystalized ideas about yourself, your life, your past and your future directions. it’s a great time to BREAK FREE- and yet the best focus of this rebellious energy is breaking free from inner attitudes, circumstances and limitations which you set on yourself. you may very well need to break free from outer situations- but don’t do yourself the disservice to think it’s stop there. the outer reflects the inner- so if you truly want to stop a karmic pattern in its tracks you must address it within. this week you have ample opportunity to do just that! so get to it!

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