Wednesday August 5th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 3/2-3/8

a fiery, potential explosive next couple of weeks unfolds- yet if you work with the energy consciously and wisely you can take action and set out on a new part of your path of individuality and life purpose! on monday venus aligns with the karmic south node in your house of home and family and towards the end of the week (friday) mars does the same. these are the ruling planets of your house of home and family and career and life purpose- pointing to major shifts and changes playing out in the structure and fabric of your life. it’s time to release past karmic patterns that come from your family, ancestry, childhood or past lives. karmic patterns around anger, aggression and/or selfishness needs to give way to compromise, working with others and navigating relationships with kindness and understanding. on tuesday jupiter in your 8th house of transformation and evolution trines uranus in your house of home and family, helping you to see your own shadow dynamics and break free from deep, limiting patterns of the past. jupiter/uranus is innovative, electric and sudden- so stay open to sudden insights (some of which may be unexpected and shocking) that help you to see more of who you are and move towards greater wholeness! on wednesday venus engages with the uranus/pluto square- which is a preview of the energy that comes next week when mars does the same thing. with uranus in the root of your chart and pluto in your sign- major shifts and changes, but also endings that precede new beginnings, are playing out in your personal life and home/family life. what is coming up needs to be dealt with and moved through- and being able to discern what to hold onto and what to let go of so you can grow is key. taking a good hard look at internal or external traditions, expectations, limitations and obligations so you see if they are evolutionary or if they only contribute to Unconsciousness is key. the full moon on thursday Lights up your 9th house of Higher Self- asking you to look at beliefs and attitudes that hold you back from being and going more. sudden insights into your past and how it informs your present and future can come in very unexpectedly- so stay open to seeing that which you may not want to see, but which is the best thing for you to understand. the week ends with mars conjunct the karmic south node on friday- which is a potentially intense day where you want to be sure to keep your anger and aggression in check. this is not about repression but about consciously using this energy to motivate you to act and deal with whatever is coming up for your internally or externally. if you need to break free from something around this past- this astrology supports it! but if this energy is misused you could find ties breaking and things said or done that cannot be taken back. consciousness is key this week. and so is having an outlet for energy that is on overdrive (go for a run!). the best use of this week’s energy is to get moving in any area of life that has gotten stagnant- so get ready, get set, go!

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