Sunday December 8th 2019

CAPRICORN- week of 2/9-2/15

this week has a similar flavor to what played out for you in january- and perhaps what occurs this week is merely the second chapter of what got activated or instigated then? all throughout the week the Great Mother asteroid Goddess ceres, who is in your sign, gets activated by the uranus/pluto/nodal T-square- bringing you to pivotal points of choice on your path of evolution and karma. ceres square the nodes on tuesday, asking you to look at where your career or professional path is calling you and where past karmic patterns of hiding or staying stuck in the past (emotionally or literally) thwart your growth and need to be released. then on thursday uranus squares ceres, bringing upsets and sudden shifts or changes into your relationships, personal life and home/family life. wherever things are stuck, stagnant or unmoving- the astrology this week comes into clear out the stagnancy and get things moving in the right direction. on sunday pluto cojoins ceres, which points to the deep transformation you are undergoing, but also the deep letting go of attachments to safety and security that actually serve to hold you back from the evolution you seek. this powerful astrology is amazing, but not super peaceful and easy going. so navigating the choppy waters with care is key. luckily a venus/jupiter aspect also Lights up the week (tuesday), which can incite desires to have some fun, experience pleasure and perhaps avoid doing the work necessary this week. balance is key- so find that sweet spot in the middle where you can have fun and get the work done at the same time (if you want to remain sane that is). with mercury stationing direct on wednesday, the last couple of weeks of rethinking, reviewing and revising your finances, values and material life come to an end. in the coming weeks as mercury picks up speed you will be asked to implement what you realized and take action on what you know you need to address or deal with. yet until mercury picks up some speed- it’s not a time to rashly or impulsively act. it’s more a time to get clear on your direction and start taking baby steps to get there. the sun/mars aspect on sunday supports these baby steps- and next week when mars moves into aries those baby steps will turn into a full on break out run. get clear on what you need to do in your life and get ready to do it! the Universe supports proactivity- so get into gear and get going!

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