Wednesday August 5th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 2/16-2/22

with the second new moon in your money house occurring this week, there is no escaping the focus of new beginnings and new avenues opening up for you when it comes to money and the self-worth. two new moon is in the same sign is rare- it’s termed an astrological black new moon- and it doubles up the energy of activation and intentions set about what you are calling into your life. taking time this week to tune into your Highest Vision about what you want to call into your material life and also in regards to your own self-worth and self-value is key. this new moon is the midpoint of the uranus/pluto square- showing that you can really embrace the potential for breakthroughs and evolution in your life this week! from thursday to sunday mercury, now direct and in the same house as the new moons, links up with your ruler saturn and neptune- who are currently in square aspect (and will be until end of 2016). insights into your dreams and how to manifest them into reality, and your fantasies and what is ungrounded in your life can come in- so pay attention. with saturn in your 12th house of the Unconscious and neptune in your 3rd house of communication, the coming years have a theme of learning to discern fantasy from reality and also lessons on how to bridge your rational, logical self with your spiritual self and awareness in greater and deeper ways. the other focus this week is a fiery, passionate one! on thursday mars moves into his home sign of aries and on friday venus follows suit. they both move into cojoin each other on saturday in your 4th house of home and family. a brand new cycle of fertility, creativity and passion is setting to open up in your inner life, home life, family life and foundations! as a sign that tends to like stability and security- this energy is more about evolution, revolution and change. yet it’s probably been a long time coming so you are less concerned about the uprooting energy and more interested in the new seeds being sown and the new energies coming in. with your ruler saturn trining both bodies in the coming weeks, what you set into motion in your inner life, spiritual life or home/family life has the potential to take you far into the future. so get clear on what you want to call in and get ready to embrace it with arms wide open in the next couple of weeks!

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