Sunday December 8th 2019

CAPRICORN- week of 1/26-2/1

a huge focus for you this week is on your thoughts, ideas and ability to communicate them with others. on tuesday venus moves into pisces to join mars, neptune and chiron who are already there. venus and mars in the same house can make for some great creativity and passion- yet neptune and chiron in the same house (and engaging with venus and mars this week) tell another story altogether. from friday to sunday venus squares your ruling planet saturn and cojoins neptune, and on saturday mars cojoins chiron- bringing focus to thoughts, beliefs and ideas that are being challenged in your life and/or are dissolving in ways that might make you feel like you are losing it. when we have certain ideas about who we are and what life is about- we constrict ourselves to only one way of being, doing and living. so along come planets like neptune and chiron so that we can take what we have crystalized and perhaps stagnated in our life- and we can add some water (or a lot of water) so that they soften, move and perhaps even clear out of our lives. capricorns tend to like enduring structures- but your healing and awakening comes with your ability to dissolve structures in your life that no longer support you and your evolution. venus/neptune can bring in some High ideals- but in square aspect to saturn in your 12th house you need to reality check those fantasies with reality first. looking to see where you have issues with faith and Trust is key, too- as sadge is the ultimate optimist but when you have this sign in the 12th house there can be fears around having faith, trusting, believing and jumping so you can let the net appear afterwards. the week ends with uranus conjunct the mean south node in your 4th house of past lives and foundations- helping you to break free from the very things you have built your life (or lifetimes) on that binds you and holds you back from growth and evolution. with the north node in the pinnacle of your chart and the south node in the root- you are meant to LET GO OF THE PAST. and i don’t just mean this lifetime- i mean many, many past lifetimes and patterns you have been carrying with you for eons. this week and month you can break free- but only to the degree that you allow yourself. if you are your own jailer- then the only question to be asking is not when will you be freed (by someone else) but when will you take responsibility to free yourself?

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