Monday September 28th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 12/22-12/28

all eyes are on you this week as lots of planets pile up in your sign and make some very powerful aspects! from tuesday to friday both venus and mercury in your sign square the nodal axis, bringing you to a pivotal point of choice in your home/family life, professional life and/or personal journey. these alignments echo the huge T-square alignment of uranus/pluto with the nodes that will occur in january- so whatever is up for you this week is not likely to go away until you make a definitive choice to grow (north node) or keep on playing out the same old karmic patterns (south node). on wednesday mercury cojoins pluto in your sign and square uranus, bringing sudden and intense communication but also the opportunity for much needed transformation and change. stay open to the unexpected and if you can see endings as the necessary first step to new beginnings you can hopefully stay tuned into the Bigger Picture that is at play. another huge focus for you is the shifting of your ruling planet from scorpio to sagittarius on tuesday. with saturn moving into your 12th house- the coming couple of years of lessons and mastery are tied in with your ability to confront your own Unconscious, face your fears and surrender your need to be in control. saturn will backtrack back into scorpio in june of next year, but as of the end of september he will be in your 12th house for good. major lessons around what you need to let go of so you can grow are incoming. it’s important to note that when saturn moves out of sagittarius into your sign the end of 2017. saturn in your sign starts a HUGE new cycle around mastery, destiny and success. yet saturn in the sign just before yours is about endings, letting go and releasing of the past. anything that holds you back from your growth and evolution is to be confronted in the coming years. this can be a very deep time of profound spiritual growth, but it is up to you to embrace the lessons, rather than bemoan your process. take time to get clear on what your ruling planet saturn is asking of you- and then get ready to do it! saturn demands nothing short of mastery!

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