Sunday January 24th 2021

CAPRICORN- week of 12/15-12/21

the new moon at the end of the week occurs at the very 1st degree of your sign, while at the same time your ruling planet saturn is traversing the very last degree of scorpio (set to move into the first degree of sagittarius next week!). this is significant for you as it marks the start of a brand new cycle that is predicated on the ending and completion of an old one. capricorn is one of the signs that tends to hold onto things of the past- yet that tendency will not serve you this week if you want to grow and move forward in life! so it’s a great week to be willing to challenge your attachments to safety, security and the known- so that you can dive into and embrace the unknown and all the treasures that it holds for you! the dark moon in your 12th house is a time to retreat, reflect and release fears around having faith, trusting and being led. when the new moon occurs on sunday, you’d do well to set intentions about what you are calling into your life in this next solar (yearly) cycle. a new moon in your sign is your birthday new moon- so make your wishes and get ready to work hard to make them come true! on saturday venus cojoins pluto in your sign and squares a stationary uranus- who is set to go direct on sunday. this is wild card energy- and it requires your openness to sudden and irrevocable change in your life, relationships, home/family situation and spiritual journey. the best use of this energy is to allow it to transform you from the inside out. i would recommend steering clear of power struggles with others- as whatever it is that is triggering you from without is simply mirroring some dynamic within (that likely harkens back to childhood and something related to your mother of father). if you really want to stop experiencing the trigger you have to deal with it from the Source! with your ruling planet about to move into your 12th house of the Unconscious, your lessons of mastery shift to your inner life, intuition and ability to surrender. the 12th house is also the house of facing/owning fears and karmic patterns from the past. the coming couple of years will be very deep spiritually- so make sure you give yourself time and resources (energetically and otherwise) to focus less on the external and more on the internal. with uranus stationing direct on sunday in the root of your chart- you can experiencing sudden rememberances from your past (childhood or past lives) simply so you can free the psychic energy that is tied up there and experience more wholeness. this is also an energy of sudden shifts and changes in the structures and foundations of your life. this can be experiences as upheaval or anxiety-producing if you resist change. but if you embrace it it could be liberating and freeing. it’s up to you how you perceive things- but clearly one of the two sounds like a lot more fun! ;)

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