Friday February 28th 2020

CAPRICORN- week of 1/19-1/25

the week opens up with a dark moon in your sign- making monday a great time to reflect, retreat and not act but just BE with all that arises for you. the new moon kicks off a new lunar cycle the very next day- but until then you are challenged to turn inward and downward. of course venus opposite jupiter on monday may make that a bit challenging for you- as they both desire to expand, explore and have fun! so balance is key so you can make use of the end of the lunar cycle’s completion energies before they give way to a new moon cycle. the new moon on tuesday Lights up your 2nd house of money, values and self-worth. with the new moon sextile your ruling planet saturn- what you anchor down into, intend and set into motion at this new moon has the potential to endure. yet the day after the new moon mercury stations retrograde in the same house and sign, so there is a bit of a one step forward, two steps backward energy to this lunation. you cannot call in new things if you have not pruned and weeded out the past so you have room for the new to come in, can you? mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise and in your 2nd house this is in regards to what you value, what is worth it to you, and how you deal with your financial/material realities. a new cycle of money and abundance can be set into motion, but only after you have found clarity about the old one you are ready to leave behind. on the same day as the new moon, the uranus/pluto square engages with the nodes- bringing their wake up/shake up energy to the foundation and pinnacle of your chart. uranus conjunct the south node helps us to break free from the past- but they can also highlight karmic patterns where we tend to get ourselves stuck and stagnant in. with uranus and the south node in your 4th house- what you are trying to break free from is not just in the here and now, it speaks to childhood patterns and experiences as well as past life ones. past patterns of anger and aggression are up for review- and with the north node in libra, your growth is tied up with your ability to shift out of anger and self-focus and into a place where you are working towards peace, harmony and an inclusion of others in your trajectory. with pluto in your sign square the nodes, you are brought to a pivotal point of choice. you can keep on playing out the same old selfish, aggressive, past life patterns OR you can growth and evolve into new ways of doing and being that involve more balance, peace and harmony. the latter will also powerfully affect your life path, purpose and calling. with the north node and pluto in the most visible houses of your chart (10th and 1st)- nothing short of a total transformation and evolution of your direction and engagement with the world is being asked of you. are you ready? :)

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