Sunday December 8th 2019

CAPRICORN- week of 1/12-1/18

this is a HUGE week for your capricorn. there are several things playing out, yet in the background of it all we have pluto in your sign squaring the nodal axis on wednesday- commencing the uranus/pluto square’s activation of the nodes of destiny and karma that play out in the last 1/2 of january. when planets square the nodes we are brought to pivotal points of choice on our paths. we can choose the south node of karma and the past OR we can choose to move into the north node of growth, destiny and evolution. the south node is familiar, but it is where we can stay stuck. the north node is uncomfortable and not easy- yet it is the place where our growth lies. with the north node in your house of career and life purpose (the capricorn house), you are being asked to radically transform your sense of self and as a result your life path, purpose and calling. the 4th house, where the south node lies, points to where you came from- while the north node in your 10th points to where you are going. you are being asked to make huge inner and outer shifts this month, which will require moving away from that which has provided safety and security for you but which has cost you your freedom and evolution.

with mars moving into your 3rd house on monday- your creative and spiritual energy is heightened. the coming 5-6 weeks are a time to communicate, share ideas and question your thoughts. with mars approaching neptune and squaring your ruling planet saturn on wednesday, this also activates a year long transit between saturn and neptune which pits reality against dreams, pessimism against idealism. with saturn in your 12th house and neptune in your 3rd- this year brings challenges to what you think and believe in. facing karmic patterns and fears around belief, faith, trust and optimism are the focus.

luckily lots of positive energy generated in your 2nd house are helping you to align with more appropriate values and attachments in your life. both mercury and venus, the mind and the heart, link up with evolutionary/revolutionary uranus and pluto, healing chiron and the growth oriented north node. as you embrace the deep changes being asked of you, your sense of worth and value of yourself and your unique path get a huge boost. with the first three houses in your chart in focus this week (1st, 2nd, 3rd) something about your orientation to the world is undergoing profound shift. embrace this opportunity to shift to a new level of evolution! you won’t regret it :)

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